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We have a diverse range of music genres from pop to hip-hop, classical to fun music that amuses you at the time when your mind needs relaxation and your mood needs to be lifted. Our Radio is not something conventional, we are breaking new ground in the digital space. Go through our site and explore the type of music or podcasts you like or love to listen to along with the latest news updates from every corner of the globe .

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Our Program

FM Schedule

All that your ears want!
Our radio streaming is available round the clock to entertain you with your favorite artists, be they singers, anchors, journalists, or comedians. Not only this, you can find here a discourse on the current events and happenings with a fun element and commentary on the new music releases.
To accommodate your needs, we offer a fun store that enables you to get your hands on the merchandise by buying it from your favorite artists. To explore more, listen to the shows or podcasts.
2.00 - 3.30 Talk Life Radio
4.00 - 6.45 Non Stop 90’s R&B
7.00 - 8.00 Bugatti L
9.00 - 9.30 Music News
11.00 - 15.30 Guest Show TBD
16.00 - 19.50 Da Family
20.00 - 21.00 TBD
21.30 - 23.00 Late Night W/Mr.Talk718
We hope you enjoy our website and radio station!
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March 2023

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About Us

Talk Life Media has been founded in 2023 with the motive to empower with people from all walks of life to speak their hearts out with maximum freedom of speech and expression. Our ideology and vision are to promote democracy across the globe and overpower fascism by giving a fair degree of representation to those who are voiceless and unrepresented. We are dedicated to bringing you accurate, comprehensive, and thought-provoking stories that shed light on the rapid advancements shaping our digital landscape with stories from around the world, offering a diverse range of viewpoints and cultural insights.

Moreover, our content is not limited to only serious stuff we are fun people too. Our platform promotes art and artists. Quality music and information flow together here. It’s a platform where you make and break the stories by your voicing your life experiences. Experience true freedom with Talk Life Media.


Laughter is universal, and comedy podcasts bring joy and entertainment to listeners during their daily routines. Apart from this, Podcasts have become a revolutionary medium for consuming information, entertainment, and stories in the digital age. From riveting true crime narratives to thought-provoking discussions on science and technology, there exists an extensive range of podcasts that cater to diverse interests and passions.

In an era of global connectivity and complex geopolitical issues, political podcasts offer analysis, commentary, and discussions on matters of governance, policy, and international relations. In addition to that, where mindfulness and self-care are vital, wellness podcasts offer guidance, inspiration, and tips for leading a balanced and fulfilling life. Listening to them is fun too, Isn’t it?


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